Creating The CQV Project Team

Topic: Project Management
Author: Bill Umstead


This upcoming multi-part Blog series will cover topics relating to successful commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV) projects. We hope you will find it informative.

Teamwork makes the dream work…

Successful CQV project implementation requires a team effort. The CQV project team works together to make project deliverables a reality. Successful teams happen due to great communication, understanding the timing of deliverables, and a commitment to the project.

Aspects of a Successful Project Team

The perfect project team has:

  • clear, well-defined objectives;
  • reasonable budget and timeframe;
  • team members with the right skills sets available at the right times;
  • project team members who are excited and committed to the project’s objectives and team’s goals;
  • senior management and key stakeholders who are fully committed to the project success; and
  • a corporate culture that supports the project goals, employee growth and the needs of the project team.

There are numerous articles written about successful teams, enlightened corporate cultures, and mentoring-focused project managers. However, the reality is far from the perfect. Most projects suffer from:

  • Smaller than ideal team size and limited budgets
  • Reduced project staffing options
  • Employees who are asked to “stretch” to new skills and continue to carry their existing workload!

This is the world in which we find ourselves. Regardless, projects get approved and functioning project teams are formed. This paper focuses on creating the project team.

The Project Team

A successful project team is created from a cross-functional group of individuals who work together towards implementing the Company’s stated commissioning/qualification/validation (CQV) objectives. This team should consist of senior manager (acting as the Project Sponsor), the appointed Project Manager (who may be an internal resource or an external hired consultant), department leaders from different departments acting as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and working team members.

MEDVACON and our team of Quality Experts have conducted several CQV projects, some of which involved multidisciplinary teams and others with just one or a few resources.  MEDVACON can scale to handle your CQV project.

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