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Sparta NJ – On September 10, 2020, MEDVACON LLC announced the growth and expansion of their organization.

This is a very exciting time for MEDVACON, our employees and customers.” Managing Member Ray Roggero said.

MEDVACON has expanded into four unique organizations: MEDVACON, LLC is a holding and management company; MEDVACON Life Sciences, LLC, which provides Quality Compliance and Validation consulting services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries across the country and throughout the world; MEDVACON Talent Acquisition, LLC, a full-service recruitment firm; and MEDVACON Compliance & Training, LLC, which is focused on providing training and development programs to companies regarding quality systems.

” As our business expanded, we consistantly found ourselves being asked by our customers for assistance beyond the services we were providing. As the requests increased, Ray and I decided to expand our offerings by creating companies to specifically address our customers’ needs. this wat we are able to provide the best experience and work product possible for our clients,” Managing Member Joe Toscano said.

We have incredible employees with extensive experience. This expansion allows our employees to focus their energy in the areas where they have the greatest experience and will ensure very successful outcomes for our clients. Our employees also benefit because it provides greater career development opportunities, training and fosters growth within the organizations,” Roggero said.

MEDVACON began as CP Life Sciences, which was part of CP Professional Services in Sparta.

The company has expanded and grown over the years, and it was time for the organization to be independent and develop its own identity, one that resonates and closely aligns with our employees and our clients,” Toscano said.

“We and our team are excited about the future and the endless opportunities it will bring,” Roggero said.

MEDVACON, MEDVACON Life Sciences, MEDVACON Talent Acquisition and MEDVACON Compliance & Training are headquartered in Sparta, NJ and also have offices in San Diego California. Company information can be found at http://www.medvacon.com

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