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Medical Device Quality & Compliance, Medvacon Life Sciences

Medical Device Regulatory Requirements & Industry Standards

Medical device quality and compliance involves adhering to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices to ensure that medical devices are safe, effective, and of high quality. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and international organizations like ISO (International Organization for Standardization) set guidelines that medical device manufacturers must follow to ensure patient safety and product quality.

Key aspects of medical device quality and compliance include:

  • Product
  • Design
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Risk Management
  • Documentation
  • Post-market Surveillance
Proper quality and compliance practices are essential to gaining regulatory approvals, maintaining customer trust, and preventing adverse events. MEDVACON’s experienced team of experts can assist In the following areas:
  • Regulatory Strategy and Pathway Planning:
    • Advising on regulatory requirements and pathways for medical device approvals.
    • Developing strategies for gaining FDA clearance or CE marking.

  • Quality Management System (QMS) Development:
    • Assisting in creating QMS that complies with ISO 13485 or FDA QSR requirements.
    • Documenting procedures, processes, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Design Control and Documentation:
    • Providing guidance on design control processes and documentation.
    • Ensuring compliance with design history file (DHF) requirements.

  • Risk Management and Hazard Analysis:
    • Conducting risk assessments and hazard analyses according to ISO 14971.
    • Developing risk management plans and mitigations.

  • Validation and Verification Activities:
    • Assisting in validating manufacturing processes, software, and equipment.
    • Conducting verification and validation testing as required by regulations.

  • Technical File and Design Dossier Preparation:
    • Compiling technical documentation for regulatory submissions.
    • Creating design dossiers for CE marking and international approvals.

  • Preparation for Regulatory Submissions:
    • Assisting in preparing 510(k) submissions, premarket approval (PMA) applications, or de novo submissions.
    • Providing guidance on preparing regulatory documents and responses.

  • Post-Market Surveillance and Reporting:
    • Advising on post-market surveillance requirements and adverse event reporting.
    • Assisting with complaint handling and recall management.
  •  Internal Audits and Gap Analysis:
    • Performing internal audits to assess QMS compliance.
    • Identifying gaps and areas for improvement.
  •  Labeling and Packaging Compliance:
    • Ensuring labeling and packaging meet regulatory requirements.
    • Providing guidance on labeling content, symbols, and instructions for use.
  • Training and Education:
    • Providing training on medical device regulations, quality practices, and compliance requirements.
    • Educating personnel on their roles in maintaining compliance.
  • Regulatory Inspection Readiness:
    • Preparing medical device manufacturers for regulatory inspections.
    • Conducting mock audits and providing guidance on responses to inspectors.
  • Process Improvement and Continuous Compliance:
    • Identifying opportunities to streamline processes and improve compliance.
    • Implementing measures to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.
  •  Consultation for Unique Device Identification (UDI):
    • Assisting with UDI implementation and compliance.
    • Ensuring accurate identification and traceability of medical devices.
  • Clinical Evaluation and Performance Testing:
    • Providing guidance on clinical evaluation strategies and performance testing requirements.
    • Assisting in establishing evidence of device safety and performance.
  • Supplier and Vendor Audits
    • Conducting audits of suppliers and vendors to ensure compliance with quality standards.
    • Evaluating their capabilities and quality management practices.

MEDVACON’s Medical Device Quality and Compliance experts help clients by applying a risk-based methodology.  Our experienced team maximizes time and cost efficiencies through focused qualification. MEDVACON’s ability to apply industry trends and analyses to help define and implement best practices ensures rapid adaption to client project requirements.

Example Projects:

Medical Device CAPA Investigation and Closeout

A combination products medical device manufacturer engaged MEDVACON to assist with Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPAs) related to their aseptic core.  MEDVACON assigned Sr. Quality professionals to work onsite at the client location for over 5 years supporting the CAPA  closeout process for their aging facility.  The client was extremely grateful to MEDVACON for the high level of technical CAPA support that was provided.

Medical Device Component Manufacturing

In partnership with a medical device component manufacturer, MEDVACON evaluated the impact of a planned manufacturing facility relocation on equipment qualification. MEDVACON identified components from the point of order generation to the completion of manufacturing to the movement of the component to shipping. The manufacturing process was assessed for reproducibility and operational efficiency and a report was developed for the manufacturer to satisfy their medical device customer’s quality units.

Medical Device Design History File Remediation

As part of an Internal Audit, a combination products medical device manufacturer engaged MEDVACON to assist with Design History File (DHF) assessment and remediation. MEDVACON assigned a Sr. Medical Device Quality Consultant to the role, and they conducted the following process: reviewing, correcting, and updating the documentation and records within a medical device’s DHF to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. MEDVACON was able to ensure that the remediated DHF contained a comprehensive compilation of documents that chronicled the design and development of the medical device, including design inputs, outputs, verification and validation activities, risk assessments, and design changes.  The client was extremely satisfied and had the MEDVACON consultant onsite working on additional compliance needs for over three years.

Medical Device Cleaning Validation

MEDVACON collaborated with our medical device client to provide technical and regulatory evaluation following a facility fire contained to the medical device manufacturing area for multiple clients. MEDVACON provided remediation plan guidance and assisted in developing customer-specific cleaning and component disposition. MEDVACON provided medical device compliance expertise and a comprehensive company cleaning validation plan.

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