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What is Process Validation?

Pharmaceutical process validation is a systematic approach used to ensure that pharmaceutical manufacturing processes consistently produce products of the desired quality, meeting predefined specifications and regulatory standards. It is a critical component of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry and involves a series of documented activities that confirm the reliability, robustness, and consistency of manufacturing processes. Process validation provides assurance that a pharmaceutical product will consistently meet its intended quality attributes and perform as expected throughout its lifecycle. Process validation typically encompasses three main stages:

  • Process Design:
    • Defining and documenting the manufacturing process, including critical parameters and controls.
    • Identifying potential sources of variability and risks that could impact product quality.
    • Developing a process that is suitable, efficient, and capable of consistently meeting quality specifications.
  • Process Qualification:
    • Installation Qualification (IQ): Verifying that equipment and systems are properly installed.
    • Operational Qualification (OQ): Confirming that equipment operates as intended.
    • Performance Qualification (PQ): Demonstrating that the process consistently produces products within specification using predefined parameters.
  • Continued Process Verification:
    • Monitoring and analyzing process data over time to ensure ongoing control and performance.
    • Implementing statistical techniques to identify trends and variations.
    • Making necessary adjustments and improvements to maintain process reliability.
MEDVACON’s experienced team of experts can assist in the following areas:
  • Process Characterization and Design:
    • Identifying critical process parameters (CPPs) and critical quality attributes (CQAs).
    • Developing a process design space and understanding the relationship between variables.
  • Risk Assessment and Control Strategies:
    • Conducting risk assessments to identify potential process risks and mitigation strategies.
    • Implementing risk control measures to ensure product quality and patient safety.
  • Process Validation Master Plan (PVMP) Development:
    • Developing a comprehensive plan outlining the approach to process validation.
    • Documenting the scope, responsibilities, and timelines for each validation phase.
  • Process Validation Protocol and Report Preparation:
    • Creating validation protocols detailing the steps, acceptance criteria, and test methods.
    • Compiling validation reports summarizing the results and conclusions of the validation activities.
  • Process Monitoring and Data Analysis:
    • Implementing data collection systems to monitor key process parameters.
    • Analyzing process data using statistical methods to detect variations and trends.
  • Continuous Process Verification (CPV) Services:
    • Establishing ongoing monitoring and review of the manufacturing process.
    • Adapting the process as needed based on data-driven decisions.
  • Process Optimization and Improvement:
    • Identifying opportunities for process optimization to enhance efficiency and quality.
    • Implementing process improvements while ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Change Control and Impact Assessment:
    • Assessing the impact of changes to processes, equipment, or materials.
    • Managing change control procedures to ensure consistent product quality.
  • Process Validation Training and Education:
    • Providing training programs on process validation principles and practices.
    • Educating personnel on the importance of adherence to validation protocols.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support:
    • Ensuring process validation meets regulatory requirements (e.g., FDA, EMA, ICH).
    • Preparing for regulatory inspections and audits.
  • Validation Gap Analysis:
    • Assessing current validation practices and identifying gaps in compliance.
    • Providing recommendations for achieving compliance with validation guidelines.
  • Validation Consultation and Advisory Services:
    • Offering expert guidance on process validation strategies and best practices.
    • Addressing specific validation challenges and questions

MEDVACON’s Process Validation Specialists help clients ensure their processes are validated. By applying a risk-based methodology, our experienced team maximizes time and cost efficiencies through focused efforts. MEDVACON’s ability to apply industry trends and analyses to help define and implement best practices ensures rapid adaption to client project requirements.

Example Projects

Contract Manufacturer Process Troubleshooting

MEDVACON went onsite to troubleshoot a contract client’s pharmaceutical process producing unwanted particulates in an aseptic process.  MEDVACON identified the identified the process defect and developed a technical report with a solution.  The fix was implemented, and production resumed to mitigate costly rejected batches and production delays. 

Biopharmaceutical Process Validation

MEDVACON joined a biopharmaceutical company creating novel therapies by applying deuterium chemistry to known molecules. MEDVACON led the process validation processes focused on our contract manufacturer drive for improved safety and efficacy. MEDVACON reviewed the process validation protocols and oversaw the entire validation process to ensure compliance with these product efforts receiving FDA approval. MEDVACON remains a continued trusted partner providing our client CMC and clinical supply support. 

Medical Device Component Manufacturer

MEDVACON was supporting a major Medical Device Manufacturer who introduced MEDVACON to their supplier to assist them with process validation.  MEDVACON was subsequently engaged by the supplier and conducted an overall gap assessment.  One of the items resulting from this assessment was the development of a Process Validation Plan for the manufacture of this medical device subcomponent.

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