Project Management

Project Consultants

Topic: Training and Project Management Consultants fall into two categories: SMEs and Helping Hands. The role of the SME is discussed above. Let’s consider Helping Hands. Helping Hand consultants function as staff augmentation for the project execution. Helping Hand consultants are there to assist with the project workload. These consultants can assist with developing specifications, conducting assessments, developing commissioning …

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Project Stakeholders

Topic: Training & Project Management | Author: Bill Umstead Project stakeholders are not project team members, but have a vested interest in the CQV project execution as they are impacted either directly or indirectly by the successful implementation of the project. While project stakeholders can be internal or external, for our purpose, these project stakeholders are typically …

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Creating The CQV Project Team

Topic: Project Management Author: Bill Umstead Introduction: This upcoming multi-part Blog series will cover topics relating to successful commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV) projects. We hope you will find it informative. Teamwork makes the dream work… Successful CQV project implementation requires a team effort. The CQV project team works together to make project deliverables a …

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